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At Panteva Law Group, LLC, we are dedicated to the success and empowerment of each of our clients. From handling complex employment immigration matters to helping a family reunite in the United States, our Chicago immigration attorney’s experience and skill have enabled her to reach positive outcomes for her clients.

With connections to immigrants in both her family and her community, Attorney Panteva maintains a strong sense of compassion for her clients and a responsibility to achieve a favorable resolution on their behalf. Discover how our immigration law firm in Chicago, IL can assist you with your case.

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Practicing immigration law gives us the unique opportunity to empower people and to help them understand the options they have. At Panteva Law Group, LLC, our immigration lawyers encounter many people who are honest, kind, and hard-working, but who have not always had the opportunity to make the best choices or pursue their dreams. Our role is to be the trusted advisor in some of the most important aspects of a prospective immigrant’s life, including where they can build their life, how they can advance their career, where they can marry, and when their family can join them.

  • We have a high success rate in approvals.

  • We create tailored solutions for your business & family.

  • We treat you with compassion, dignity & respect.

  • We aggressively pursue every option available to you.

There are several traits that set our immigration law firm in Chicago, IL apart. We are devoted to our clients and aggressively pursue every option available for their immigration case. We think outside the box and find solutions not always apparent to other lawyers. We are a firm with traditional values doing things in a modern way. Our goal is to make your life easier and we are set on finding the latest and most innovative ways to do it. Whether you're seeking an employment visa, applying for permanent residency, or need assistance with the green card application process, Panteva Law Group is ready to assist you.

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