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H-1B numbers for the selection process in 2024

H1B visa (for specialty workers) stamp in passport

USCIS received a record number of electronic registrations for the 2024 H-1B visa program. The revamped system streamlines the process, with employers submitting basic registration information during a period. Eligible registrations are selected randomly before submitting full visa petitions. The rising trend in registrations indicates continued high demand.

Recently released H-1B visa application numbers have demonstrated a stark reality: there is intense demand for high-skilled foreign talent. For the FY2024 H-1B cap season, roughly 760,000 applicants were eligible, but less than 14% were selected in the annual lottery. Additionally, registrations by multiple employers on behalf of a single candidate more than doubled this year, signaling the premium that businesses place on scarce talent and the challenges of recruiting and retaining top global talent amidst robust competition.

With the demand for prized workers greatly exceeding the congressionally mandated supply, it is clear that the H-1B system is in need of meaningful reform.

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