Do I Need a Visa If My Employer Wants to Transfer Me to the U.S.?

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My Employer Wants to Transfer Me to the U.S., Do I Need a Visa?

The short answer is, yes. You will need to obtain a visa to work in the United States, even if you are already employed by that company in your country. There is a specialized visa you can obtain for transferred executives and employees – an L-1 visa.

Global companies have offices all around the world, and oftentimes they find it fit to transfer employees to international offices. If you work for a global company that wants to transfer you overseas, you might be wondering if you need a visa.

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What Are The L-1A & L-1B Employee Transfer Visas?

L-1A Nonimmigrant Visa

The L-1A nonimmigrant visa allows a U.S. employer to transfer an executive or manager from one of its affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States. Foreign companies can also use the L-1A visa to send their executive or manager to the United States with the purpose of expanding their business in the states.

L-1B Nonimmigrant Visa

The L-1B nonimmigrant allows a U.S. employer to transfer a professional with “specialized knowledge” relating to the organization’s interests from an international office to an office in the United States.

Similar to an L-1A visa, the L-1B visa also gives foreign companies the opportunity to use this visa to expand their business in the states. The major difference between both visas is the qualifications of the employee.

You may qualify for an L-1 classification visa if you:

  • Have a relationship with a foreign company (parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate, collectively referred to as qualifying organizations)
  • And is currently doing business in the United States or will be doing business in the states.

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